Behind The Scenes...

Regina of Avium: Princess Series

Ceramic Bust: Monday, November 27, 2018 2:45 PM


As you can see, I build hollow and alter the pieces as I go. Until the clay is stiff enough to stand on its own, I use various items in my studio to support it and keep it from sagging or collapsing under the weight of the clay. I love to tilt heads and change expressions, starting a conversation with the viewer.


Bring it!: Female Warrior Series

Female Warrior Bust: Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013 12:07 PM


There's just no getting around it. Ears are just weird. It's mother natures way of letting us know she has a sense of humor. On the left, I'm roughing out the ears and the placement for them on the head before I attached it to the figure. On the right, she's all put together and ready for my refining work, though I like the finger marks and loose impressions in the clay from working on her with my hands. It feels fluid and gives a sense of movement. It also speaks to the raw nature of the mood of the piece.


Etherial Optimism: Interior Series

Amanda Wood: Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013 4:53 PM


This piece has been bisque fired and is in the process of receiving color washes with underglaze. She has many more layers of underglaze and firings in store for her ;)


The orb is about 18.5" high and 13" wide. It's flat on the back so it'll hang on the wall. 


It speaks to the etherial, optimistic feelings, hopes and desires women tend to feel in looking forward to the birth of their baby. This piece also symbolizes a rebirth many of us go through as we grow and transform through the many different stages of our lives. 

The Battle Within: Interior Series

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 4:20 PM



Here is another piece to complement the male figure I have just completed. The size is about the same as the last one and will have similar glazing techniques.


Again, she has internal concerns and emotions those close to her that she doesn't always allow others to see.


She's currently being fired  with glazes and I'll post more images of her soon.

Male Figure: Interior Series

Amanda Wood: Posted on Sunday, October 07, 2012 5:37 PM



I'm particularly excited about this piece. It's a sculpture of a man in a teardrop shaped pod. The male figure is completely sculpted and formed here. At this point, the lower half or the pod has been formed and I'm very happy with the way he's turning out. The rest of the pod should be completed by this coming week. Then comes the hard part... WAITING!  I have such a tough time waiting for the clay to dry and waiting then for the glaze firings to be be completed. I'm thinking the outer shell will likely be very light almost white and then antiqued with grey, blues aquas and turquoise. The inner lining will likely be done in gold tones with warm browns and reds. The figure will be a light golden brown with white highlights. When complete, it's outer dimensions will be approximately 17" X 21"

Well Rooted:

Female Orb Evolution: Monday, Dec 17, 2013 08:15 PM


This piece is about feeling satisfied, safe and connected with yourself. I started with a beach ball wrapped in butcher paper. Then rolled coils, attached the rolled pieces around the bottom of a bowl I placed on the top of the ball to achieve the round center of the roots. Which would later be on the bottom. The roots had to be attached to each other in order to hold together, so I slipped and scored around all the roots that overlapped and let them air dry for a while to stiffen up. After completing the female figure, I was able to flip the ball/roots over and pull the ball out of the boat shaped root mass. I built some supports to hold up the floor, let them stiffen up and placed a slab of clay over the supports. I cut slits and sections away to allow the slab to look like roots. The holes were important in the end. Also, clay strips were added to further the appearance of the dimensions of the roots. 


I attached the female and let that set. I applied bent wires held up with sticks, tape and woven wire. Then I started building branches and small warped hamburger patty shapes to form foliage. I stabbed the foliage hundreds of times before attaching to the wire canopy to achieve the rough, random patterns in the foliage. At this point I was able to add branches to attach the tree to the foliage. Once it stiffened up enough to support itself, I removed the support structure. Veeeeeery Carefuuuuuuulyyyyyy!


This piece contains a light kit, so it can be illuminated in the dark. It's been finished in a cold cast bronze and dozens of layer of patinas and wax sealer.