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Behind The Scenes...



Sculpted calla lily. This piece was created in Pal Tiya, a concrete-like material that functions like a soft clay. I often shape the material around a foil armature like you see here. This is the first piece I created in this new sculpting medium.  It turned out great, so I'm continuing to use the product in my studio practice!





This one's an abstracted floral named after Audrey Hepburn. She was created in a relatively new medium called Pal Tiya, a concrete-like material with fibers. You build it around a foil armature or press it down into a silicone mold.  After constructing it, there's a lot of sanding, filing and grinding on the surface to achieve the smoothness I like. Once I'm satisfied with the surface, I torch off the fibers that have come to the surface and paint the piece. This is probably the most difficult thing I've ever created! I was so worried about all the pieces tumbling to the ground before they could fuse together. In ceramic clay, it likely would have collapsed many times over. But in this Pal Tiya product, It was stable all the way through the end.

The idea behind I name these pieces i name after powerful women is, I'm fascinated with a woman's ability to embody  strength, boldness and vulnerability all at the same time. Some of the women I know  seem almost superrhuman or larger than life. So this is why many of the floral pieces are oversized.

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