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What is Pal Tiya Premium?

It's A Weatherproof Sculpting Medium For Creatives!

(Links to purchase all the necessary materials and tools are below. Scroll down.)


This new sculpting clay allows artists of every level, to create incredibly durable art that can stay outside all year long! Pal Tiya Premium cures stone-hard without firing, has considerable natural strength, and is designed for extreme outdoor conditions. PTP was tested in the deep freezing and thawing conditions in Arctic weather.
Zero damage or cracking!

Amanda's using PTP a little differently than most artists sculpting with it. Since this medium is strong enough to build her larger delicate forms, she uses it to her advantage. Even when the sculptures are intended for indoors!

Wanna buy Pal Tiya Premium?
Go to these guys and get it! They've got amazing customer support and a lot of helpful info on their social media.


For sculpting videos with PTP, see Amanda's YouTube Channel.

More videos coming soon!


For studio process images,

click here:

Studio Process

More studio shots coming soon!


What can you do with Pal Tiya Premium?

Pal Tiya Premium lets you:

  • Go Big and

  • Go Outside With Your Art

  • Use Simple or Complex Armatures to Get Any Shape

  • Sculpt Beautiful Textures and Finishes

It also :

  • Has Uses Beyond Additive Sculpting (Like Mosaic Substrates)

  • Has a Large Number of Artist Friendly Benefits

  • Is Good Value For Permanent Outdoor Art


Giant Gorilla: Created by WETA Workshop

What supplies do you need to sculpt with it?

  • Pal Tiya Premium, (Start with the small Trial Sized Bag)

  • Scrap Cardboard

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Hot Glue Sticks

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Sculpting Trowel

  • Dinner Fork (Raid your kitchen!)

  • Soft Rib

  • Nitrile or Latex Gloves

    Click images below to find where to purchase them:

Amanda's Sculptures With  of Pal Tiya Premium

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