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Artist's Statement

Amid the social upheaval of today’s world, I've sought refuge by going inward, working to understand, excavate and recover from stress of what we carry each day. At the moment, I’m interested in positive mindset, healing meditative practices, and nature. Finding inspiration in the rhythms, subtle signs and symbols that emerge from the subconscious, I've begun to use visible structures from life forms that make up the the natural plant life surrounding many of us. My new work is a turn back to an intuitive form of expression known as "Biomorphism." This is where artwork's elements are formed with naturally occurring patterns, biological forms, and petal/leaf-like shapes. As an American, growing up in the Tropics, Middle East and Far East, the curvilinear arabesque, biomorphic design elements are a major influence in my work today. There are similarities in Islamic and South Asian art with the use of floral motifs using elegant plant forms.


The intent behind my work is to change the atmosphere of the rooms my pieces are in, for the better. As female, I was raised in countries that required that I stay small, almost invisible in order to remain safe. No longer serving me, that survival mechanism has been released. I'm creating an emotional touchstone, reminding people/females to be bold, take up space and allow yourself to be truly understood. Being heard and understood are two very different things. 


Through my floral pieces, I examine the sheer power, strength and amazing resiliency these seemingly delicate florals possess. Celebrating the many facets within women, I'm giving their best attributes a place to shine. For even when wilted and weathered after a storm, florals are still beautiful, intact, relevant and fascinating to look at. As are we!

About Amanda

Amanda Wood (USA, b.1972), with her hand built botanical sculpture, beckons the viewer into a comforting, meditative vibrational space with surreal, unfolding, botanically inspired forms. These botanical forms are the primary subject matter of her latest work. They invite you into a world of fantasy, power, love and light.


Born in New Jersey, USA, at 9 months old, she began traveling the world over with her family, living in countries like Iran, Trinidad, Dubai, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Experiencing these different cultures from such a young age, sparked a deep appreciation for women's rights, basic communication and the design elements various cultures choose to surround themselves with.


Earning a BFA from the University of North Texas, she's remained in Texas for many years. Working from her home studio in Houston, she builds her sculptures in ceramic clay and an in an impressively durable new sculpting medium, called Pal Tiya. Amanda’s work is currently available at Davis Gallery in Austin and 4th St. Gallery In Blanco, both in Texas. Message her for details and purchases.

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