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Amanda Wood

With her hand built botanical sculpture, Amanda beckons the viewer into a comforting, meditative vibrational space with surreal, unfolding natural forms. Through these pieces, she celebrates feminine strength inspired by the stunning beauty in nature, while highlighting the vulnerability these elements often hold. Many of her florals are oversized, impressing the upon the viewer the sheer power of these seemingly delicate feminine forms.


Her Style

Her new work is a turn back to classic Surrealism, where an intuitive form of expression known as "Biomorphism" emerged. Biomorphic art's elements are formed with naturally occurring patterns, biological forms and plant-like shapes. This fluid way of creating art from emotion and its curvilinear aesthetic reaches into all aspects of the arts from painting, sculpture and fashion, and all the way to interior design. 

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Shows: Art Santa Fe

If you're going to be in the Santa Fe area this Summer, Amanda's work will be on display at Art Santa Fe - Santa Fe Convention Center, July 14th-15th!


This is high level show put on by Redwood Art Group.

Taking place at the beautiful Santa Fe Community Convention Center in the heart of the city, Art Santa Fe welcomes its esteemed exhibitors and attendees to a beautiful gallery-style venue.


As seen in Medium Magazine and Voyage Houston

Amanda Wood, Sculptor

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